A gathering place for buddhist people in Portugal.

One of the main objectives of Samten Dzong center's is to promote the teaching of the Dharma under the guidance of Tulku Chamtrul Rinpoche 

Samten Dzong's location is in the province of Alentejo, close to Ferreira do Alentejo in Beja's district. It is about one hour and a half distance by car from Lisbon's airport.

In the history of humanity as it has always been in the past, any spiritual path or religious congregation has always developed on a physical basis, enabling their teachings and the community of their members and spiritual guides to prosper and further expand using the resources of the land to shelter and feed large communities. It's only on these basis that the Dharma has been prospering and spread. 

We believe that in the close future, only if small congregations of people gather in places where they can live, build shelters, temples, social and religious structure, grew their own food, all this in accordance with a peaceful attitude towards others and the respect of the environment, only then the Dharma will prosper and benefit sentient beings, but further more only then will it be possible for humanity to escape the complete extinction which is threatening…

Having settled quite recently in the Western world, the Dharma hasn't yet find its roots, and though many "centres" are found on the Web, they do not provide a strong basis for establishing the Buddhist Dharma, but they appear and disappear like mushrooms in a field. 

For people in quest of Enlightenment there is no better place than a spiritual community that brings together all the conditions to practice and, through the multiples interactions of people living there, allow the appearance of circumstances likely for promoting the emergence of the Path.

On a plot of 25 acres, Samten Dzong association is engaged in the process to build a buddhist center to give the possibility to those who want to significantly engage in a meaningful life, living in an appropriate environment to practice Dharma for all sentient beings sake. The project is based on a permanent structure with a Reception house which is also a guest house to shelter teachers, a temple with a capacity of minimum 40 persons, a refectory with a professional kitchen capable of producing about 50 serving at once, two "Bungalows" each with 2 double bedrooms sharing a bathroom with separate toilets, and two "Double bed ensuite" each being a double bedroom with its bathroom and separate toilets. Actually, apart from the both of us and a teacher with its assistant, the center can accomodate up to 12 persons in hard structures upon reservation but there exist many houses for renting outside the center for fair prices.

Actually in its terminal first phase of construction, we are are to undertake the construction of a sanitary block comprehending a Female and a Male part with lavatories, two showers and two toilets on each side which will allow to have many camping places to augment the center's sheltering capacity when needed.

Apart from the the Dharmic activities, Samtendzong is willing to produce fruits and vegetables for its own subsistance; we already have a small greenhouse and a vegetable garden of about 250 square meters as well as plenty fruits trees on the 4 acres that are actually enclosed, but there are further possibilities to produce more vegetables and fruits, corn or cereals, etc… on about 20 more acres. Already producing its own olive oil with about 100 olive trees, we are willing to plant at least 600 new olive trees to increase the production and give an income for the sustainability of the center among other possible activities enabling Samtendzong to be self sufficient and to not depend of donations.

People who will apply to live in the center in a permanent way will be selected, and will engage in full time karmic activities which are necessary for the center's management. They will be able to reside in the center provided they engage in Dharma's practice and in participating to all useful activities according to their capacity. They will have board and lodging in the center and will receive a minimum living wage for their personnel needs.