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The essence of Great Perfection practice


O sir, the essence of Great Perfection practice is this:

All phenomena of samsara and enlightenment

are only your own mind’s magical display.


Primordially, your mind’s nature lacks substantiality;

It is unconditioned empty luminosity,

the essential nature of awareness.

It dwells primordially and eternally

as dharmakaya’s essence.


Yet not recognizing your own nature,

transitory dualistic clinging creates delusion,

Deceptive attachment to perceptions of happiness

and suffering in samsara and enlightenment.


In fact, your mind’s nature transcends

the bounds of good and evil, hope and fear.

In this space of great emptiness,

free from transition and change,

Self-manifest awareness is present knowing.

This relaxed settling in the uncontrived natural state

is the view, and is also the key to meditation.

When meditating, as soon as thoughts

arise from awareness’s dynamic energy,

Use mindfulness to identify them:

Self-arising, self-liberating, like waves on water. Recognize them as such and let them go without prolongation.

“Meditation” is just the meager term

we use to designate this.


Continuously maintain boundless conduct free of action. Discard the six collections of consciousness;

leave them as they are, without fixation.

Do not hope for a result at a later date.

It is in the present itself: reaching the unassailable state, attainment of self-mastery.


I, Jigdral Yeshé Dorjé, wrote this, corresponding to the request of Ngawang Zöpa. May this virtue become the cause for simultaneous realization and liberation!


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