On September 27th to 29th included, Chamtrul Rinpoche will perform the ritual consecration ceremonies for the center, the temple and the serie of Kangyur 133 sacred books.

Due to the schedule of these ceremonies, the bookings are fixed to a mandatory duration of 4 days.

The details of this event are as following:

Friday,Sep 27th “The opening ceremony of Buddhist Center “

Saturday,Sep 28th “Consecration of the Temple and the Kangyur (The entire collection of 133 volumes of the Shakya Muni Buddha)”

Sunday Sep 29th “Mönlam prayers and Dharma teachings"

As the ceremonies will start on the 27th early in the morning all students wishing to attend these ceremonies must have been registered and be there on the September 26th before 6PM.

The "mönlam prayers and Dharma teachings will last until dinner hour on the 29th making it possible for the students to depart on the 30th.

When you want to subscribe to the event you'll have 3 different scenarii depending on the number of beds in the center and of the capacity of the temple, as well as for the number of meals which can be prepared and served in the refectory:

  • #1 there are still some beds in the center and you will be able to book one "Four days session booking" in the "Bungalows" or the "Safari Tents", one "Four days session catering" (3 meals & 2 snacks) and one "Four days reservation fee"
  • or
  • #2 there isn't any bed left in the center and then you have 2 options :
    • #2-A : you can find an accommodation close to the center (in this case you should contact us so we guide you and help for a nearby booking in the vicinity). and you will have to  book one "Four days reservation  fee" of €10  to subscribe for the Ceremonies' 3 days duration plus one "Four days Full pack catering" to reserve your meals in the center for the duration of the event,
    • or
    • #2-B, you come everyday from your place or hotel by your own means to attend the ceremonies and, if you intend to eat in the center, you will have to book one "Four days reservation fee" of €10  to subscribe for the Ceremonies' 3 days duration plus one "Four days Full pack catering" to reserve your meals in the center for the duration of the event.
  • Remark: Scenarii #2-A and #2-B differ only on your type of accommodation

 When you are sure you understood which scenario is corresponding to your case then to go to reservations and click here