After meeting Chamtrul Rinpoche in 2018, he came to visit us in Portugal the same year in April and resolved to include us in his Annual world teaching tour's schedule for the following Year and accepted to take us and the center under his guidance. 

 He first came to pay us a visit in our property in SXM (Saint-Martin in the Caribean Islands) in the beginning of 2019 since we were there to repair the damages done previously to the house and the temple by the cyclone Irma. He gave there a few teachings and a few people took Refuge with him.

Unfortunately, as he was to finally come to Samtendzong in September of 2019, the epidemy of Covid 19 attained such a magnitude that he had to return in a hurry with the last flight to his place in Darhamsala, India.

More recently, he came to retire from his 2023 world tour by us in Portugal and after his return, when having Mönlam ceremonies in Bodhgaya this year, he sent us the garments for the lama's seat and made Samtendzong's center the 133 volumes of the "Prajnaparamita" confirming by this the official existence of Samtendzong as a Buddhist Center.

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