We are currently having accommodations that we rent in the center to shelter from 6 to 12 people depending if they occupy one or two beds in every room. 

The rooms are sheltered in two "double-rooms Bungalows" with two beds in each bedroom and two "Double bed ensuite" with two beds as well. The accommodations can be rented or for two persons in each room or one may reserved a whole room but in any case the price of the location is per bed.

The "Safari Tents" have a 15 square meters bedroom with a seven square meters bathroom having a shower and an independant WC. They have as well a small 9 sqm terrasse in the front.

The bungalows are composed of two bedrooms with an entry hall, a bathroom with shower and a separate toilet.

The bungalows have two 16 square meters bedroom with two bed each and a common bathroom with separate toilet totalizing 7 sqm wich can be accessed by the common entry hall. The bungalows also share a 13 sqm terrasse.

The plot of the bungalows and tents is at an average distance of 90 meters from the main part of the center (Temple, main house and refectory).