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Work progress

Dear Sangha Brothers and Sisters, here some important points about the creation of Bodhicita Portugal and Bodhicita Caribbean Centers, by Chamtrul Rinpoche and it’s with great joy that we share with you all, if any questions …... Thanks, Vishnou
The first is Samten Dzong in Portugal: - Actually, we are working to prepare accommodations to be able to receive comfortably those who will come as volunteer help. The help concerns a lot of things, planting trees, general gardening, preparing a vegetable garden, cooking, etc… and also construction of fences, of small houses, and of a temple… I think that is is a good moment to let people know it so we can gently organise all these activities here for after summer on. -We also need help to raise funds: all sisters and brothers that can offer some money even a little occasionally or regularly, to pay construction materials and tools, trees and other useful equipment would be very welcome. On Funding menu there are all the practical information for donations. Please have a look at it and make your comments. As you know, for the moment only Jean-Michel and I, work and sponsor all in here and Saint-Martin, and we were happy to be able to do it that way, but as things change, we are no more able to forward alone. The other stage of Samten Dzong progresse is to have two to four sisters and brothers that could be available to choose to stay here «permanently» as a resident like us, to really create a dynamic and motivated community group for daily work and practice and share all the responsibilities that will create an excellent turning the Dharma wheel.
The second is Bodhicita Caribean,Saint-Martin "Udyana Center": -We are doing a hard job to fix the last hurricane damages on the roof and garden, and is progressing fine. There, we have one large 300 sqm house and another with 100 sqm size as well as a 80 sqm Temple in a 4 acres (1,7 ha) garden. Until now we were able to maintain it as a Dharma center, we rented the property to a young UK couple and their children; they had a restaurant and a health care work at home, yoga and meditation classes as well as inviting some Lamas to teach; this was bringing some income, very important to leave and work in Samten Dzong Portugal. Now, after the hurricane, a massive change took place and our tenants moved to England, and so no more Dharma center open.So it is time to reorganize a new opening. For Saint-Martin 3 options are on the table : - We placed it in real estate market, trying to sell it and t’ill now not very lucky, some visits but no propositions, and this does not depend on us at all. - Second option is to recreate a Dharma center, this time totally under the direction of Tulku Chamtrul Rinpoché . If four or five brothers and sisters or 2 or 3 couples, inventive and dynamic people, were to stay and work on the island, develop a collective or individual work, such as a vegetarian restaurant, with a health food store or something else, landscaping company, a medical center ( this was what i did with a great success as a traditional Chinese medical and herbalist doctor for 12 years, with great joy and good reputation until now) plus daily or weekly yoga and meditation classes, and inviting Chamtrul Rinpoché once or twice a year for teachings and to keep the center strong... they would stay leaving in the property, renting and maintaining the center, so it would be like a regular donation to Samten Dzong which would aloud the team here to stay and work. - The third opportunity is simply to rent it to private and unknown tenants, of course not a good option. Dear Friends, it would be of great generosity to let people know this options and possibilities from mouth to mouth, you can also advise people to check https://samtendzong.net for some infos and pictures about Portugal and Saint Martin. If you need more information or hight resolution pictures and more, feel free to ask please .( vishnou@vishnou.net ) We are totally open to all propositions as long as it fits into Rinpoche wishes. Thanks again for your help and hope everything will turn into benefits to all sentient beings.
Find here a short summary of the work done since we settled beginning of August 2015. To view more pictures click HERE

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