Funding Samtendzong

Help Samtendzong build the Padmasambhava Temple !    We are two buddhist practitionners striving since 38 years to establish a small Dharma ..
  Start date: Sep, 25 2017   End date: Dec, 31 2019   Donors : 8
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Funding Samtendzong

Help Samtendzong build

the Padmasambhava Temple !


We are two buddhist practitionners striving since 38 years to establish a small Dharma center in Portugal. After creating Pema Odling, a small center with a 72 sqm temple in the Caribean island of Saint Martin in 2014, we settled since August 2015  in a plot of land in Alentejo Portugal, where we want to establish a small retreat center and have a temple there to receive buddhist teachings and have conferences on diverse subjects all related to cultural and spiritual  matters. All our savings, incomes and material belongings are invested toward this goal which we believe will help many people.

We work every day to build ourselves all that is needed for constructions and for the land but sometimes we need some help to go on. And that is the case right now.

Every single cent will be used to build this temple, for thangka peintings on the walls and one 4 feet statue of Padmasambhava.

We would need the funds from from next year onwards.

This is our entire life's goal, this will be the third temple that we will have built since 1983, the first one being Gyatsodzong, the first buddhist temple in Tahiti.

When the temple will be finished, all the contributors will be invited for the 3 days consecration ceremonies and will receive the blessing from the Rinpoche.

We will do our best to bed&breakfest all.


Temple 72 m2 side vue

Temple side view/ vue de coté



Temple 72 m2 facing& sitting


Temple Facing & Sitting

You have the opportunity to make a single donation or to apply for a recurring payment.

If every one could give even a few euros every months, this would enable to collect enough funds to undertake the construction at the beginning of the next year.

You may as well make small groups and collect money to send a regular amount every month; the merits of this action would then extend to more beings and have a greater meaning.

To help Samtendzong Center, you may as well visit our website at and buy online traditionnal teas and the famous Dragon Balm.

As Traditional Chinese doctors with an experience of herbal treatment for more than 25 years,  we developped Guang Ming, a herbal line of products to support the activities of the center.



Funding Samtendzong

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